PSS 4 Split Seal

Advanced technology semi-cartridge split seal for pump and mixer applications. The PSS 4 split seal, with intrinsic joint alignment technology, provides the easiest and...

Gaspac Compressor Gas Seal

Flowserve Gaspac dry gas seals incorporate non contacting lift-off technology to provide low break away torque and reliable performance under all operating conditions. The Gaspac...

LSV-100® Control Valve from DFT Inc.

The LSV-100® Control Valve is an economical control valve designed for flanged applications. Trim is replaceable in the field through the bonnet. Construction is...

Armstrong Introduces New Design Envelope Stainless Steel Pumps

Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that its popular Design Envelope (DE) 4380 Vertical In-Line pumps are now also available in Stainless Steel. Ideal for domestic water...
Wilden® PSG®

Wilden® Releases V150 13 mm (1/2”) Velocity Series Pump

Wilden®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, has extended its line of specialty AODD...

New VLT® Soft Starter MCD 600

The VLT® Soft Starter MCD 600 combines the latest in advanced controls and protections with an increased level of intelligence for superior performance in...

DuraClear Lubrication

DuraClear oils are formulated for the complex lubrication requirements demanded by mechanical seals. The performance benefits over general duty lubricants have been recognized in lab...

VSG ProPack

The VSG Pro Pack is a rising stem packing made of three parts: two inconel-jacketed end rings and a 100% pure graphite center ring....

Protecting pumps in hazardous areas easily and reliably against dry running

New type of active power-based dry running protection for pumps with certification according to ATEX and IEC Ex Current/voltage detection modules for the...
Leslie Controls CIRCOR

Leslie Controls Features K-Max Rotary Control Valve

Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR International brand, and a worldwide manufacturer of valves for the power generation, industrial, marine and oil and gas markets for...