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    Seal Water Control and Filter Systems


    The growing demand for process industries to reduce water consumption and lower energy costs, while maintaining productivity and reliability can be a major challenge. At John Crane, we offer a range of seal water filtering, control and monitoring solutions to reduce water consumption, while meeting your water flow and pressure requirements, without increasing treatment costs.

    Design Benefits

    • Heavy-duty rugged construction for harsh environments
    • Filter, flow and pressure controls to provide optimal water quality
    • Integrated alarm option

    To increase efficiency, your equipment needs to be reliable. John Crane’s Safeunit, Safeunit Ultima and Smartflow systems, control seal water flow and pressure in varying conditions, providing you with the water savings needed in order to lower energy costs while increasing plant reliability. John Crane’s Safeclean, Safefilter and SafeJet products eliminate pollutants and impurities that can cause seal malfunctions or unnecessary wear, ensuring extended seal life and equipment availability.

    John CraneTogether, we will work with you to keep your mission-critical operations up and running, with support and guidance from our experienced team.

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