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Contra-Rotating Axial Fan Design Concept for Leaf Blowers

It seems leaf blowers are everywhere in our neighborhoods, very often disturbingly noisy. There is a need for excellent aerodynamic and aeroacoustics design for such devices. Three leaf blower configurations […]

Split Seal + SpiralTrac® Solution Reduces Maintenance and Water Use

A wastewater treatment facility has 10 RAS (Return Activated Sludge) solids handling pumps. These pumps have been sealed using packing and replacement sleeves for several years with major leakage and […]

Protecting VFD-Driven Motors In: Meat and Poultry

The Study This field survey was conducted at Hormel Foods, Freemont, Nebraska. Voltage readings were taken from the shafts of VFD-driven motors throughout the plant to demonstrate the presence of […]

VFDs Provide Precise Control Required to Ensure Dairy Product Quality

Milk is the basic ingredient in the production of a long list of dairy products and by-products ranging from whole pasteurized milk to cheese, to derivatives such as whey, agglomerated […]

Overload/Overrange What’s the Difference?

Two easily overlooked, yet extremely critical parameters when evaluating and specifying torque transducers are – Mechanical Overload Rating and Electrical Overrange. Each is important, but often confused and misunderstood. Overload […]

Joint Sealant Installation

If you’re uncertain about the correct application of  Durlon Joint Sealant during installation, we’ve got you covered with these 5 easy steps. Enhance your installation process by downloading Durlon’s Joint […]

Why Having A Robust Insulation System Is Integral For Submersible Motor Reliability

Robust Motor Design Submersible motors are designed for a wide range of applications, such as deep well water supply, irrigation and pressure boosting. To have a robust insulation system, the […]

Grounding Ring Solves Chronic Bearing Damage In Crane Motors at Container Ports

At the Pacific Container Terminal in Long Beach, California, huge cranes lift boxcar-sized containers, arranging them neatly on trains, trucks, and the decks of ships. If the cranes are not […]

Wind energy with no downtime

Along with solar power, wind power is the fastest growing source of renewable energy. However, inverter-induced voltage can damage the bearings of wind power generators and lead to downtime. One […]

How to Order Reciprocating Pump Expendables [Infographic]

There are many reciprocating pump manufacturers and within them, there are several different pump models. To make the ordering process more efficient, use this simple checklist to ensure that you […]

Chopper Pumps For The Dairy Industry

In the late 1950s, while Jim Vaughan and his son Larry worked in their repair shop helping local dairy farmers fix clogging manure systems, they came up with a plan […]