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As of January 1, 2020, CalOPPA gives legal residents of California the right to know what personal information is collected, with clear disclosure of the specific pieces of personal data collected, sold, or disclosed and to whom (see our privacy policy for details) as well as the right to SAY NO to the sale of their personal information. These persons have the right to ‘say no’ to the sale of their personal information and the ability to have their contact information deleted. EP gives users the ability to ‘say no’ by providing a checkbox on the form-gated site pages. Requests for full deletion of contact information can be made through communications to and through which confirmation of that deletion activity can be communicated. Persons exercising these rights will never be exposed to discrimination.

To help contacts understand what they’re opting into when submitting a form or pop-up form on our website, notice and consent information is provided to user. This allows us to capture a visitor’s consent to the processing of their personal information as well as their consent to receive communication from us. We manage permission-based lists through Constant Contact which is integrated using APIs into our website, and as such, their third-party system contains records of express and implied consent from our contacts. These records are documented and tracked within Constant Contact. If any methods other than the Constant Contact website sign-up form are used, such as a third-party sign-up form or manually uploaded list, CASL-compliance will be met by having the appropriate notice and consent information presented to users so contact’s express permission can be properly obtained and documented.

If any concerns exist about your rights under the CalOPPA, CCPA, GDPR, and/or CASL, please email