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Editorial Guidelines

Empowering Pumps is a digital media company that has created the leading online information and connection hub for the global pump industry. allows industry professionals to exchange ideas, news stories, white papers, product information, case studies, videos, event information, sales and marketing guidance, and more.

The audience engaged with the Empowering Pumps platforms is largely comprised of individuals in OEM companies, end-users, equipment suppliers and service companies, as well as others allied to the industrial market across many different industries. Their roles range from shop floor mechanics to mid- and upper-level managers responsible for purchasing, in addition to executives, and sales and marketing professionals.

Articles/Whitepapers/Case Studies

All content published, should be a minimum of 300 word and can range up to 1500 depending on content form. All contend should have a title and references when using material from other sources. Article content should be submitted as a MS Word document and White Papers and Case Studies should be submitted in PDF format and sent to Charli K Matthews ( as an email attachment. Please submit at least one photo with each piece of content in PNG or JPG format. Do not embed photos or other artwork in an email; attach as separate files. Photos, charts, and graphs should be labeled with a typed caption.


All editorial items must be submitted one month prior to the date of proposed publication.

Original Non-Infringing Content

By submitting materials, authors are stating that written content, photos, video, or any other content are original and/or created by the author and do not infringe on any intellectual property or copyrights of a third party.

Previously Published Content

Empowering Pumps will accept an editorial that has been in print, either in a trade publication, conference proceedings, brochure, or any other non-digital format. If available, we will include a link to the originally published content.

Photos and Other Artwork

We accept digital photos in PNG and JPG file formats. Photos should be high resolution and be sized 1050×550 pixels. Do not embed photos or other artwork in an email; attach as separate files.


We require a link to videos on a YouTube channel.

Author Bio/Contact Information

A short biographical paragraph should be submitted for each author of a White Paper or Case Study, complete with photo and contact information (title, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website address). Empowering Pumps may publish contact information so that readers can directly contact authors for further information.

Reference Source List

A reference list should be provided at the end of the content to cite all document titles and authors.

Editorial Review

All articles are subject to review by Empowering Pumps Publisher and must comply with the website’s established Editorial Guidelines.

Copyright Protection

It is the responsibility of the owner of copyright-protected content to notify the Publisher at the time of submission. Copyright will be attributed to the owner.

Sharing of content on the Internet is a positive thing, both for the author of the content and the website on which the content originally appeared, as long as the content is cited properly (author and copyright ownership attributed, with a link back to the content’s original source.) It is the policy of Empowering Pumps to allow the sharing of content from the website under these conditions. If the owner of the copyright-protected content does not wish for it to appear (full or in part) on any other web page, this request must be made at the time of submission so that the appropriate statement can be added at the end of the content.

The use of copyright-protected content (full or in part) on another web page without attributing authorship and copyright to the owner, along with a link back to the Empowering Pumps website, will be considered copyright infringement and the owner of the web page will be notified and asked to either properly cite the content, or remove it from their web page.


Empowering Pumps is not legally responsible or otherwise liable for any published content.

Paid Partnerships

Empowering Pumps collaborates with esteemed partners through paid partnerships. These strategic alliances reflect our commitment to delivering high-quality content and services. By working with reputable brands and organizations, we aim to enhance the overall experience for our audience. Our paid partnerships not only support the sustainability of our platform but also ensure that we can continue to provide valuable, innovative, and diverse content.

Direct all submissions and questions to:
Charli K. Matthews, Publisher
(205) 391-8422
P.O. Box 2313
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403