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    Durlon® DuraSwell™ 7760 Aramid-Inorganic/SBR



    A gasket material for demanding applications that require excellent sealability, conformity to flange surfaces and recovery. The material is designed to swell when in contact with oils and fuels which helps increase the gasket stress for applications that require increased gasket loading that may be previously limited due to insufficient bolting or flange constraints. Applications include water, fuel, oils, coolants and heavy duty equipment applications such as oil pan covers, gear case and flywheel housings.


    Durlon® 7760 contains high-strength synthetic fibres bonded with high-grade nitrile (NBR) rubber.

    Anti-stick properties:

    Much effort has gone into improving the anti-stick release agents of all compressed Durlon® products. All Durlon® compressed gasket materials have passed the MIL-G-24696B Navy Adhesion Test (366°F/48 hrs).

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