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    Hydro-Guard® Pressure Monitoring System


    The Hydro-Guard Pressure Monitoring System offers one of the most advanced and flexible pressure monitoring solutions on the market. It is capable of monitoring standard state pressure at a rate of one reading every 15 seconds or measuring transient pressure at a rate of 256 reading per second.

    Today, water utilities throughout the U.S. and Canada are utilizing this advanced, cellular based, monitoring solution to measure water pressure at critical distribution points in their system, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

    It also provides near-time event notification. When a logged data point is outside of a utility’s normal operating zone (as defined by the utility) a warning message is transmitted via both email and SMS text messaging. Text message alerts are typically received within two minutes of the event occurrence.

    The Hydro-Guard Pressure Monitoring System offers three user levels: Administrator, Technician and User. The data is highly protected using the latest in encryption methods. And there are no licensing fees for this product and the data it can obtain.