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The perfect tool for troubleshooting, start-up & Quality control of low voltage AC induction motors. The MOTOR GENIE™ will find Internal Winding Faults, Contaminated Windings, Bad Cables or Connections, Insulation to Ground Faults and Phase Unbalance.

Trouble Shooting
A 2-3 minute test lets you know the problem: connections or cable, electrical or mechanical, coil, internal fault or ground faults.

Make sure electrical motors, connections and cables are working in top condition.

Quality Assurance
Test new and stored motors. Test repaired motors to find irregularities or a possible faulty repair with different wire sizes, or wiring configuration.

The MOTOR GENIE® goes far beyond what you can see with only a Meg-Ohm-Meter.
• Safe: De-energized testing

• Easy: As easy to use as any Meg-Ohm-Meter or Multimeter

• Light: 1 pound, hand held

• Batteries: They last for up to 10 hours of testing

• Best Value: Costs less than a good Meg-Ohm-Meter, offering a quick return on your investment

Energy Efficiency – Plants & Services
Test all motors before installation & save time and money.
Save thousands of dollars and time by catching any faults before installing a new or repaired motor. See unbalanced phases that will cost you more money in energy use and shorten the life span of your motors.

Repair Shops
Sort your incoming repairs.
Save hours of work per day and see your costs go down and profits go up!
Give your customer top quality service.
Take the MOTOR GENIE™ with you when picking up repairs or making a sales call. Help your customer (and yourself) by trouble shooting or by settling a warranty or claim on site.

Stop Guessing. Get your own MOTOR GENIE®!

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