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Image of ANSI Pumps for Coke Processing

Griswold™ 811 Series ANSI Pumps Handle Coke Processing

Griswold™ Pump Company, a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, is pleased to announce that its 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps are ideal for use in all types of coke-manufacturing processes, most crucially the removal of harmful by-products from the centrifuge. After being removed from the centrifuge, these by-products are pumped out of the facility where they go on to play important roles in a variety of other industries.

Foundry coke—which is available in a range of forms, such as industrial coke, egg coke, buckwheat coke, carbon coke and nut coke—is a critical component in the global manufacture of steel. Griswold’s 811 Series ANSI pumps are perfect for this type of application because the company is able to construct them with liquid paths that feature CD4MCu, which is a high-grade stainless steel that can withstand the corrosive fluids that are produced and handled during the manufacture of industrial coke.

Griswold 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps also offer a number of features and benefits that make them ideal for coke-producing applications. They are available with enhanced power frames that make them an estimated 33% stronger than competitive models, resulting in increased performance and longevity. They are also available in a full range of sizes, as well as options and upgrades that can be tailored to meet virtually any fluid-processing flow rate, up to and including 4,000 gpm (908 m3/hr). There is a wide array of mechanical-seal options, all of which gives 811 ANSI pumps the ability to operate in temperatures as high as 500ºF (260ºC).

For more information on the complete lines of Griswold™ Pump Company pumps and turbines, please Griswold is an operating company within Pump Solutions Group (PSG™). For more on PSG, go

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