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    Chesterton 1622 Low E Valve Packing

    AW Chesterton
    Low Emissions Packing for Isolation Valves

    ​​Our award-winning 1622 Low E Packing minimizes block (isolation) valve VOC emissions. It exceeds current emissions requirements for the refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

    This is a non-hardening, flexible packing constructed from an Inconel-reinforced mesh with internal exfoliated graphite, which keeps it from shrinking or absorbing moisture. 1622 contains a passive corrosion-inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion of valve parts in contact with the packing.

    Chesterton’s 1622 packing meets multiple API and ISO qualifications and comes with a 5-year emissions warranty:

    • API 622, 2nd edition tested and qualified
    • VDI 2440 (TA-Luft) approved
    • API 624 tested and qualified for numerous valve OEMs
    • Fire safe to API 607
    • ChevronTexaco Standard tested and passed
    • ISO 15848-1 passed CO2 at 200 ̊C to tightness class BH
    • ISO 15848-1 passed CO2 at 400 ̊C to tightness class BH

    Warrantied: Chesterton 1622 packing is certified for a period of five years to not leak in excess of 100 ppm. See your Chesterton representative for conditions and details of warranty.

    For Valve Manufacturers: 1622 is also available in a die-formed shape for valve manufacturers. We also offer equipment analysis and in-house emissions testing to pre​-qualify the valve to 624.​