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Tsurumi MQ Series

MQ Series

Product by: Tsurumi

The AVANT™ MQ Series is a new line of submersible pumps developed by Tsurumi Pump, an industry leader in submersible pumps for over 95 years. The AVANT™ features an FM approved design, premium IE3 motors, and closed loop cooling jackets. They have been designed to operate over a wide range of conditions; with multiple options for impellers, motors and mounting configurations. The AVANT™ series can offer a pump for almost every application!

MQ Series Catalog

Premium Efficiency Motor

The heart of the AVANT™ MQ Series lies in its premium-efficiency, IE3 electric motors, designed for continuous duty while reducing energy consumption.
✓ IE3 PREMIUM Efficiency
✓ NEMA Class A
✓ Class H insulation for all models in the range
✓ S1 duty mode operation even in water at a temperature of 104°F or above

Clogging-Proof Hydraulics

The AVANT™ hydraulic components have been designed to maximize efficiency, eliminate clogging, and provide for large free passage of solids.

All models with open channel impeller feature an axial adjustment system allowing the impeller clearance to be restored. This feature maintains performance even as components wear over time.

One of the biggest problems, today, in wastewater, is clogging of impellers due to fibrous and stringy materials.

The solution to this type of clogging is the AVANT™ open channel impeller pump, adopting this new and innovative Anti-Clogging System (ACS). The ACS uses the centrifugal force of the impeller to pull out the stringy material via a spiral groove cut into the diffuser plate. This combination eliminates the fibrous material clogging of the impeller.

More Reliability with Molib-Tech

The Molib-Tech coating, adopted by Tsurumi, is specially formulated to prevent and reduce wear due to erosion or cavitation on pump impellers, suction flanges, and housings.

The Molib-Tech coating used by Tsurumi was specifically developed to:

  • Increase component wear resistance
  • Improve durability
  • Keep performance consistent over time, even in extreme duty conditions

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