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MCRT® 94000V Bearingless Rotary Thrustmeters With Analog, Digital & Frequency Outputs

MCRT® 94000V Thrustmeters have high accuracy in real-world applications, not just in the cal lab. That’s due in part to 200% Thrust Overload1 with 200% Electrical Overrange. Ratings which combined avoid and/or greatly reduce errors from clipped thrust peaks. Also contributing to their outstanding performance are very low errors from torque crosstalk; most practical applications have high Torque to Thrust ratios making this a critical, real world feature. Industries highest Thrust to Torque Ratios combined with low Torque crosstalk make this product the best choice for rotary Thrust measurement.

A drift free Carrier Amplifier, immune to dc, ac power line and most ac noise, handles the thrust bridge output. Hardening against EMI from VFDs and other industrial noise sources further enhances performance.

Bi-directional rotor shunt cal verifies calibration and operation of the entire data chain in both Tension and Compression.

Combined Error is ≤0.05% to ≤0.8% as listed for the Sensors’ Performance Grade. Torque Crosstalk Errors are as low as ≤0.2%, grade dependent. Every Model is shipped with an ISO/ IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration. These Thrustmeters won’t yield when subjected to forces or torques equal or less than their Overload Rating. They have infinite fatigue life for full reversals up to half their Overload Rating. Installed with a shaft coupling, the result is a short stiff driveline, with low overhung moment. A Speed signal is optional.

The thrust signal is digitized on the rotor and sent to the stator without contact, where analog, frequency and Com Port outputs are created. Included software interfaces with your Windows-based PC. Use RS232, 422, or 485 digital communication. Display Real-time, Max/Min, and Spread Thrust, Rotor Temperature, do limit checks, real-time plots and save data. Password protection may be invoked.

Read more about the MCRT® 94000V.


  • Thrust Ranges from 500 to 100,000 lbf (2.2 to 445 kN)
  • Low Thrust Error, Tested and Documented
  • Transmits High Torques with Low Crosstalk
  • 200% Thrust Overload
  • Simple to Install and Operate
  • Optional Speed Output Signal
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration

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