Thursday, July 27, 2017

White Papers and Case Studies

Wilo Helix EXCEL [Technical Presentation]

Perfect for water supply, pressure boosting, cooling systems, boiler feed, pressure washing, and irrigation systems, the Wilo Helix EXCEL offers the following features &...

Wilo Groundwater – Price Book

This 56-page Price Book provides in-depth details about WILO Submersible pumps and accessories for water supply from water wells, agriculture, dewatering and industrial applications.

Pumps for Naval Applications

DESMI has a full understanding of Naval technical requirements and applications when it comes to pumps and systems. DESMI can select the correct choice...

Military Pumping Systems from DESMI

DESMI design and build liquid handling solutions used by military forces and navies around the globe. DESMI is an integrated pump system supplier that utilizes...

Energy Efficient Pumps and Pump Solutions for District Energy

Heating and cooling systems in total account for 46% of global energy use. Therefore, District Heating & District Cooling represent a huge potential for...

Are Gravity Sewer Systems Holding You Down?

Learn about the major differences between gravity sewer systems and pressure sewer systems. This whitepaper discusses how municipalities can reduce costs, install a pressure...

Multistage Pumps & Pressure Booster Systems from Wilo USA [Brochure]

Learn about Multistage Pumps & Pressure Booster Systems from Wilo USA that provide solutions for water supply, constant pressure and boosting applications.

5 Groups Combatting Clogs in Wastewater Systems (Global Challenges, Part 6)

While the problem of “non-woven products” clogging wastewater systems is likely to continue, there are several different groups trying to combat the “disposable” wipe...

Upgrade without Compromise

Introducing Wilden® Chem-Fuse diaphragms now available for industrial markets. These integral piston diaphragms (IPDs) solve many of the critical issues faced by industrial companies...

Pumps for Free

Among DESMI’s innovative approaches is ‘Pumps-for-free’: a cash flow-neutral investment concept for energy-saving solutions. It’s a unique financing package, enabling ship-owners to energy-optimize their...