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    System Operation Made Transparent – SES System Efficiency Services® from KSB


    KSB’s SES System Efficiency Service will show you ways to increase the energy efficiency of your pump systems and prolong their service lives. Whatever the application – energy, industry, water or waste water – by recording extensive measurement data it is possible to evaluate the operation of a system and identify potential savings (energy efficiency analysis) as well as any causes of damage (damage analysis). The operating range of the pumps can be assessed regardless of the installation type (wet/dry) or manufacturer. KSB also performs measurements in potentially explosive atmospheres on request.

    KSB’s SES Services:

    • Recording of process variables and vibration levels through on-site measurements:
      • Pressure
      • Rotational frequency
      • Fluid and bearing temperature
      • Analog signals 0/4-20 mA
      • Vibration
    • Determining the effective power
    • Performing frequency analyses to identify causes of damage
    • Report and presentation of findings including action plan and profitability analysis


    • Transparency of operating data and pump set efficiency
    • Expert consulting by experienced product engineers
    • Increasing the economic efficiency and availability of systems by identifying the potential for optimization and causes of damage
    • Ensuring the sustainable operation of pumps and valves
    • Manufacturer know-how from impeller trimming, retrofitting and speed control to the new selection of pumps