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    G2S Vertical Sump Pump

    Carver Pump

    Our process-duty vertical sump pump for water, hydrocarbons, and acid and alkaline solutions.

    Modular in design, the G2S sump pump is made for flows to 2500 GPM and sump depths to 22 feet. The entire series is based on the same wet ends as our horizontal pumps, ensuring extensive hydraulic coverage, including options available for solids or abrasives handling. All models feature external impeller adjustment, bearings above the mounting plate, and full compatibility with standard NEMA ‘C’ motor faces.

    The G2S is offered with standard carbon line shaft bearings that comply with API 610 spacing guidelines, to ensure smooth operation away from resonant frequencies. Bearings can be product lubricated, external flushed or greased-for-life. Common options include extra-large discharge piping, and stainless steel wetted parts and underliners. Automatic greasers, control panels with float switch actuators, and automatic stop/start sequencing are also available to satisfy system requirements.

    This pump comes standard with lip seals at the top plate. An optional stuffing box can be fitted with packing or a variety of mechanical seal types. For vapor-tight operation, the G2S is available with a machined and gasketed top plate, and welded seams around the discharge pipe.

    • Flows to 2,500 US GPM (570 m 3/hr)
    • Solids to 1.250” diameter (32mm)
    • Efficiencies to 80%
    • Power to 75 HP (55 KW)
    • Depths to 22 feet

    • Commercial
    • Desalination/Municipal
    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemical
    • Power Generation
    • Bilge Transfer
    • Caustic and Chemical Feed
    • Coating, Surface Treatment and Spray

    Paint Systems
    • District Flood Control
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Light Hydrocarbon Transfer
    • Lube Oil Supply for Rotating Equipments
    • Mine and Landfill Dewatering
    • Phosphoric and Sulfuric Acids
    • Refinery Offsite Loading and Transfer
    • Sump Collection and Drain
    • Various OEM Proprietary Systems
    • Wastewater Evacuation and Treatment

    WHY A G2S?

    • External axial adjustment allows for easy service
      and continued operating efficiency.
    • Spiral grooves at the exit of the casing reduces
      spray and foaming.
    • A variety of shaft sealing options at the plate
      range from a standard lip seal to component or
      cartridge mechanical seals. Dry-running seals or
      double mechanical seals with a plan 52 or 53 flush
      can be applied, for vapor-tight operation.
    Product by: Carver Pump