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Top 10 Downloads of 2018


Top 10 Downloads of 2018

Author: Rebekah Mechtensimer

With a mission to Connect, Inform, and Educate the Pump Industry, we are grateful for our Partners who help us share content that is so valuable to our Community! Having taken a few minutes to look back at our growth and achievements over the past 7 years, we are happy to continue being a trusted site with a reliable reputation for distributing useful content that supports professionals in every state of their career journey. With that being said, we are excited to share the most frequently downloaded content from Empowering Pumps & Equipment during 2018!

Considerations for Selecting a Variable Frequency Drive or Soft Starter

AC Motors need an electrical control device, but how do you choose? This whitepaper from WEG Electric Corp will help you figure out whether a VFD or a soft starter is the best choice for your application.

Gasket Fundamentals eBook

Need some gasket knowledge? This Gasket Fundamentals eBook from Triangle Fluid Controls will teach you (almost) everything you would need/want to know. Forces that occur in a gasketed joint, minimizing torque loss, chemical compatibility…just to name a few.

Flow Control for Irrigation

Did you know July was Smart Irrigation Month? Watts Water Technologies does not have to tell you having water for your irrigation system is crucial, but they will discuss the approaches necessary for designing an irrigation system that is efficient, sustainable, and prevents backflow.

Understanding the Wastewater Treatment Process

Having trouble with the whole wastewater treatment process? This downloadable infographic / wall chart from KSB will lay it out nice and simple for you and explain the whole process for those wanting to learn more.

Bearing Protection: An Often Overlooked Component of Equipment Reliability

Regardless of industry, protecting bearings is a basic requirement for plant reliability and is important for increasing your overall rotating equipment health. This document from Inpro/Seal covers all the different ways you can protect your bearings and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Understanding Reciprocal Pump Cavitation

Cavitation is not a problem you want to have, and the first step in avoiding a problem is knowing what can cause it! This eBook from Triangle Pump Components will help you better understand cavitation, how it happens, and ways you can combat it.

Considerations for Selecting an Explosion Proof Pump

Selecting an explosion proof pump can be intimidating, that’s why BJM Pumps wanted to help people understand what constitutes an explosive environment and to explain what engineers have to do to design pumps to avoid potential explosions.

Efficiency, Life Cycle Cost, and the Eddy Current Drive

A lot of factors go into selecting the best drive, but there are differences between variable frequency and variable speed drives – especially when it comes to efficiency and life cycle cost. This white paper discusses the Eddy Current Drive from Dynamatic, which is an often overlooked contender in the world of drive technologies.

Comparison of Cartridge Seal Designs

Curious about the differences between cartridge seals? In this comparison, you’ll learn about the modular design and the Cartex design from EagleBurgmann that might just have you converting. It talks about seal designs, hardware components and new technology for cartridge seals.

Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Pump troubleshooting is a process, and while there are many variables to take into consideration, this Pump Troubleshooting Guide from AllightPrimax attempts to help! This guide will walk you through the issues you might be having and help determine “the why”.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Top 10 Downloads’ and invite you to get the latest eBooks, Videos, Events and Resources through our eNewsletter! Sign up today!

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