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    BJM Pumps® is headquartered in Old Saybrook, CT and has been providing fluid handling solutions for industrial and municipal services since 1983. Over its thirty year history, BJM Pumps has grown quickly by supplying world class pumps and accessories, priced competitively, through its global network of stocking distributors in the United States, Canada and South America.

    BJM Pumps® supplies a wide variety of submersible pumps and pump accessories for many different applications. Products include shredder pumps, stainless steel pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, high temperature pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps, trash pumps, sludge pumps, non-clog pumps, solids handling pumps, vortex pumps, submersible dewatering pumps, sand pumps, agitator pumps, hydraulic pumps, explosion proof pumps, slurry pumps, utility pumps and specialty pumps such as 12 Volt pumps and residue pumps (or Mop-Up-Pump). Our submersible pumps range from1/6th to 125HP.

    Industries served include industrial, municipal, sewage, mining, food and chemical processing, agricultural, and construction

    The Best Customer Service

    Over our 30 year history we have been committed to providing the right pump for our customers’ specific needs. A helpful professional is just a phone call away – not an answering service.

    Greater Support

    We provide quick one-on-one support from application engineers and sales specialists. We work closely with distributors and end users to select pumps with optimal efficiency and performance.

    Faster Delivery

    Delays on product orders can mean costly downtime. We offer faster delivery, so orders arrive weeks and sometimes months earlier than our competitor’s do.



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