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    About Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.®

    Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd., based in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, is a market-driven and technology based company serving customers throughout the world with innovative fluid sealing and pump protection products. TFC serves a wide range of end-user customers whose success depends on the reliable performance of their equipment and piping systems.

    About Durlon® Gasket Materials.

    Durlon® Sealing Products: Safe, Reliable, Versatile

    • Widest possible range of service applications—number of different types of gaskets to be inventoried can be greatly reduced
    • Boost to process safety—limiting the number of gasket styles reduces the chance of installing the wrong gasket in the wrong service
    • Unvarying performance on the job—gasket materials are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and are subjected to continuous testing and rigid quality control

    Across the globe, original equipment manufacturers and industrial consumers are specifying Durlon® gasket materials for their needs. Our state-of-the-art research and development facility is geared to meet the ever-changing demands required in today’s variety of service conditions.

    Maximum Sealability to Meet Fugitive Emissions Requirements: Triangle Fluid Controls recognizes that today more emphasis is being placed on fugitive emissions via the Clean Air Act in the U.S., and various regulations in other countries. One of our prime design objectives is to maximize the sealability of our gasket materials to meet fugitive emissions requirements.



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