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Why Test Motors?


Because Motors Fail!

Not all winding faults start as ground faults. Instead, they can start as a weakness in the winding insulation system that may eventually fault to ground when the motor stops running.

Motor testing is integral to the success and efficiency of your business. ALL-TEST Pro instruments ensure that testing your motor is safe, easy, and dependable. Our capabilities for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance are a means of sustaining critical systems and achieving meaningful ROI. Don’t leave motor failure up to chance – reap the cost-saving benefits of complete motor testing.

About Winding Faults

Winding defects begin as energy crossing an insulation fault, which isolates at least one turn. There are 4 basic types of winding faults:

  • Between 2 or more conductors in a coil
  • Between coils in the phase
  • Between coils in different phases
  • Between a coil or phase and ground

Symptoms of winding faults include higher operating temperatures, nuisance tripping, and reduced motor life. The short-term result of these faults is reduced efficiency, and higher operating costs. The long-term result is always motor failure.

Maximize Productivity and ROI

Complete motor maintenance provides you with the tools you need to sustain your most vital business processes, while maximizing productivity. The key to an efficient motor is addressing winding failure, rotor problems, and mechanical faults before they happen. Finding just one of the faults mentioned above can save your organization countless hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in savings, by preventing a drain on productivity and the disruption of necessary processes.

For example, you can perform a simple Test Value Static (TVS™) in just a few minutes. This test establishes an initial reference to a motor-specific parameter value and confirms the health of an induction motor when compared to the reference TVS™. The TVS™ also makes it easy to detect any changes with connections and cables. With ALL-TEST Pro instruments, there is no need for computer software while in the field, so you can get your results instantly and easily.

Being Proactive instead of Reactive

Being proactive instead of reactive about your motor health will go a long way. ALL-TEST Pro’s patented diagnostic capabilities deliver unique insight into the condition of your motor. We are the only manufacturer with handheld, portable, battery operated motor testing equipment that determines the complete condition of your motor.

The same expertise that goes into the configuration and delivery of every ALL-TEST Pro diagnostic instrument is available for the life of the customer relationship. Our dedication to creating and sustaining value beyond the delivery of the finished product includes the availability of knowledge-based support and technical experts in the field.

From the MOTOR GENIE®  to our advanced predictive maintenance tools , our safe and easy-to-use testing instruments will save you valuable time and money.





  1. I agree completely. We use the ALL-TEST PRO 5 and ALL-TEST PRO OL test equipment from the same company as the Motor Genie (ALL-TEST PRO LLC) for trending winding degradation (AT5) between conductors and contamination (about a minute) and complete system electrical and mechanical conditions (ATPOL) including bearings through the entire system from the MCC. Both also trend. If you are on a budget, the Motor Genie will help you identify motor problems in advance and will help you troubleshoot far faster than with a multi-meter and insulation tester (most failures start turn to turn) especially in inverter applications without the potential dangers involved in high potential and surge comparison testing.


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