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Interview with Dave Johnston – Sentryx™ Product Manager for Mueller Water Products


Contributor: Mueller Water Products

Dave Johnston has been with Mueller Water Products for 10 years in various roles including operations, engineering and product development.   Johnston has also been an integral part of the development team for the new Sentryx™ Water Intelligence Platform, designed to give utilities valuable insights into the health of their water system to improve decision making, saving time and money.  

Q: Can you tell us about the new Sentryx Water Intelligence platform being launched at WEFTEC?

A: The Sentryx Water Intelligence platform provides utilities with unique insights into the health of the distribution system. Using Mueller fire hydrants as a communications backbone and battery powered state-of-the-art sensors, utilities will be able to understand how their distribution system is performing like never before. The Sentryx software will record and display important data from water sensing technology including pressure, flow, leak, chlorine and pH. 

Q: Why is this important to utilities today?

A: The Sentryx technology platform will change the way utilities look at water and its infrastructure system. The platform provides a unique hub of information that helps with analytical and strategic decisions, as well as day-to-day water distribution and utility operation. Together, information and data are true power. Sentryx will enable utilities to proactively control their water management system to increase the life of expensive infrastructure and lower future capital costs.

Q: How does it do this?

A: Data is easily obtained via any access point along the pipe including sensors, meters, hydrants, valves and more. Using Mueller products such as the Centurion® fire hydrants, Jones® fire hydrants, Hydro-Guard® smart flushing systems, remote disconnect meters and EchoShore®-DX leak detection, utilities can gain valuable insights into the health of their water system which is not available anywhere else in the market. Mueller fire hydrants are used to house communications equipment, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure installed on the property of other utilities. 

Q: What is the benefit of going with Mueller’s intelligence platform versus other similar products?

A: The advantage you get with Mueller is that we come with a collective group of trusted brand products, services and experienced professionals from across the water industry. Together we are a consultative, dedicated team of engineering, sales, support, and distribution experts working collaboratively toward one goal – our client’s success. 

Q: What is involved for a utility to get onto the Sentryx platform?

A: Different utilities have different needs. There are different factors to be considered when implementing Sentryx. What makes Sentryx so powerful is that it can be tailored to fit the unique strategic priorities of any utility. If you are interested in Sentryx, please reach out to your local Mueller representative. Let them know what your priorities are, and we will assemble a team of industry experts to help customize a solution that will best meet your needs.

Q: How can people experience Sentryx at WEFTEC to learn more?

A: Mueller will have a Sentryx demonstration set up at WEFTEC, along with samples of our supporting sensor technologies. Please stop by the booth #1042 to see how powerful the platform is and how you can get the most out of your water distribution system.

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