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WEFTEC Operations Challenge to Use KSB Amarex KRT Pumps with F-Max Impellers


With WEFTEC 2017 taking place very soon in Chicago, Water and Wastewater Operators are preparing for this year’s Operations Challenge! Taking place on Tuesday, October 2nd from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Operations Challenge will evaluate approximately 40 teams over the course of 5 events, giving Water and Wastewater Operators the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to effectively deliver clean water and sanitation services to their communities.

“Few people understand the magnitude and complexity of the effort required to constantly and safely provide clean water and sanitation services, but the lack of these services would have profound consequences for public health and our quality of life,” states Steve Harrison, Senior Manager of Operator Programs for WEF. “For this reason, Water Quality Professionals are truly the unsung heroes!”

In recognition of Wastewater Operators and the challenges they face, KSB launched a #ConquerTheClog campaign at last year’s WEFTEC event, where KSB introduced cutting edge technology to the wastewater market. In 2016, KSB introduced the New Generation Amarex KRT Submersible Pump, which has a maximum flow rate of 44,380 gallons per minute per hour with a max head of 394 ft. and a 1,140 HP motor. This pump, which is being used in municipal and industrial pumping stations, is designed with next generation impellers for the wastewater market. The F-Max impeller, which increases the KRT pump’s hydraulic efficiency, is engineered with an asymmetrical blade arrangement to create wide, free passages that ensure even larger, rigid solids pass easily through the pump.

As a result of the trend toward conserving drinking water and separating stormwater and wastewater, wastewater has become ‘thicker’ and more heavily-laden with solids. This is why operators NEED non-clogging impellers in a pump that will operate reliably without sacrificing high efficiencies – even for small wastewater pumps.

“As the prevalence of nonwoven fabrics continues to plague the water quality sector, it is essential that our operations personnel are aware of all of the resources available to them,” explains Harrison. “WEF and KSB are proud to announce that the Amarex KRT Pumps with F-Max Impellers will be used in the Operations Challenges planned for 2018 through 2021. We are grateful to KSB for their support of this important industry event.”


For more information, visit www.ksb.com/conquer-the-clog or Download the KRT guide.


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