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Empowering Pump & Equipment’s Knowledge Shared Video Series: a Live Chat with Industry Professionals


Empowering Pumps & Equipment is THE INFORMATION & CONNECTION HUB for the Pump and Related Equipment Industries. Charli K. Matthews, CEO & Founder who is celebrating 9 years of success, hosts a live video chat with industry professionals around the world! 

Joining this discussion as part of an ongoing #KnowledgeShared video series are ten incredible individuals: Ernesto Primera, Senior Reliability Engineer with Chevron; Gakuo Ndonga, Application Engineer with SKF;  Elena Rodriguez, Water Engineering Director with Indar; Tim Albers, Director of Marketing at Nidec Motor Corp; Patrick Hogg, Application Engineer at Nidec; Steve Hernandez, @WaterWisePro & Water Operator in California; Ron Frisard, Global Training Manager at A.W. Chesterton Company; Mike Lassas, President of Proco Products Inc.; Kevin Simon, Water & Energy Researcher at Watts Water; and Paul Ruzicka, Global COE for Residential, Commercial and Waste Water and Chief Engineer at Xylem Inc.

Listen to their 60-minute conversation to hear about the ways COVID-19 has impacted the ways in which manufacturers, engineers, and front-line essential workers operate. Hear some of their insights and valuable tips for moving industry forward. 


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