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Maintenance & Reliability Summit

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Maintenance & Reliabililty Summit

Maintenance & Reliability Summit

Our goal is to Connect, Inform, and Educate the pump & related equipment industries and with that mission in mind, we are back with another virtual summit talking all about maintenance and reliability. If you’re in this field, you know how critical it is for our equipment to be operating efficiently and reliably. But in today’s digital age, maintenance and reliability is so much more than just keeping your equipment running. In this summit, you’re going to learn about Reliability, Innovative Sealing Solutions, Electronic Switches for Pump Protection, and the Impact of Pump Packing on Life Cycle Costs.

Winning the Trifecta of Efficiency, Reliability, & Sustainability with Bob Jennings, Hydro, Inc.

This presentation focuses on the technological advancements that have been made in recent years regarding data capturing, impeller redesign, impeller casting, CNC manufacturing (i.e., 5-axis milling), and acceptance testing.

It showcases the fact that technology is advancing so rapidly that processes that we used 5-10 years ago have become obsolete. Remedies which were cost prohibitive 10 years ago can now be readily and economically achieved. The pump repair industry has moved from product-based processes remedies to solution-based processes.

Combined, these result in meaningful energy reduction, improved equipment reliability and sustainability, while assisting the end user improve ESG scores through quantifiable reporting.

Providing Innovative Sealing Solutions for Abrasive Pump Applications with Dale Norman, Teadit.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer for abrasive pumping scenarios. Let’s understand many of the primary variables that need to be evaluated to ensure the best packing for your situation. Whether your concern is abrasives, shaft wear, lubrication, heat dissipation, FDA, NSF or other issues, Teadit will share information to help guide you to the right solution to keep your packing needs.

Creating maintenance efficiencies using electronic switches for pump protection with Joe Mancini, United Electric Controls (UE).

In industrial facilities, pumping systems can account for more than 50% of the applications. Mechanical switches and transmitters protect pumps from over pressure or temperature conditions, or from running dry; but mechanical switches in particular, require routine inspection and maintenance. Electronic switches offer switching reliability and reduced maintenance cost and labor.

Pump Packings Surprising Impact on the Life Cycle Costs of Pumping Systems with Ron Frisard, A.W. Chesterton Company

In today’s business landscape, the tangible costs associated with operating pumping systems are increasingly impacting operational efficiency. One of the most significant factors influencing pump operation costs is power consumption. This paper explores the surprising impact of pump packing technology on the life cycle costs of pumping systems. Through recent empirical testing of pump packing performance utilizing various fiber materials, this study will highlight how advancements in packing technology can effectively reduce power consumption and subsequently lower the overall operational costs of pumping systems.

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