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Visit John Crane at TPS 2018 & Don’t Miss the Short Course about API 671 Requirements of High Performance Coupling and Rotating Machines


Visit John Crane at TPS 2018 in booth 1935! Don’t forget to register for a spot in the turbomachinery short course (T10) on Monday, September 17th, where you can learn more about API671 requirements of high performance coupling and rotating machines.

This course, which runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., covers the design and application of high performance couplings and rotating machines. Initially, the turbomachinery driver and driven machines are analyzed together with their characteristics and how they affect the coupling. The various types of couplings in the markets will also be covered, including metal membranes, diaphragms, etc. and how these characteristics are utilized.

Selection will be reviewed with instruction on how this affects the coupling design, including shaft end, balancing, and materials. The oil and gas requirement to API 671 are investigated in addition to which coupling attributes are important.

The course concludes with installation, failure analysis, and reviews the main factors affecting failures – from misalignment through to torsional vibrations.

Register for the short course today!


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