Category: Pumps & Operations
Heinz Bloch

Back Pull-Out Pumps

Many process pumps are designed and constructed to facilitate field repair.  On the so-called back pull-out pumps (see illustration, also…


Pump Manager

Pump Manager is a cloud-based performance management service that takes advantage of the built-in connectivity of the Armstrong Controller in…

What Failure Pattern Do You See and How Did You Come to that Conclusion?

Name that Failure (#3)

Author: Bob Latino CEO at Reliability Center, Inc. ORIGINAL POST 6.2.17 (ID# Shaft.6.2.17) Can you identify and name this fracture pattern? How can you…

Figure 1: Injectable packing conforms to equipment irregularities.

Injectible Packing for Worn Pumps

Author: Juan Cid, Product Manager, A.W. Chesterton Company Braided packing is the oldest pump sealing method used in the process and…

Figure 1: The components of centrifugal pump.

Finding Profit in Your Pumping System

Author: Dominik Fry, P.E., Business Development Engineer, Engineered Software Inc. Proper selection of centrifugal pumps is more important than ever. Getting it…

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