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New Pump Seal System from SEPCO

Pumps & Operations
Sepco Pump Seal System SAS-P system

New Pump Seal System from SEPCO


SAS-P system for pumps improves slurry sealing, honored as a Processing Breakthrough Product of the year.

SEPCO is pleased to announce its new SAS-P system. Designed for centrifugal pumps moving slurries, the SAS-P, new in 2020 from SEPCO, is a complete seal system.

With two shaft-supporting bushings and a lantern ring, the SAS-P is a noncontact tandem seal that uses air to seal and water to flush and clean the stuffing box/seal chamber. The seal is impervious to these traditional system conditions that are considered pump and seal killers:

  • Pipe strain
  • Misalignment
  • Off-BEP operation
  • Cavitation

At a producer of packaging and tissue products in the U.S., the maintenance supervisor had a hydrapulper discharge pump application with problems. The issue was that the single cassette mechanical seal installed on the discharge pump only lasted a week or two at best and then failed. The pump’s wet end was not bolted down. Instead, it was slotted with a concrete pad. The system experienced too much pipe strain, causing the mechanical seals to fail.

SEPCO replaced the failing seal and installed the SAS-P system that included a split air seal, two shaft supporting bushings, and a lantern ring. With this new arrangement, the flush system could be throttled back as well, decreasing water use. The SAS-P system has been successfully operating for more than 12 months.

The new SAS-P system was also honored at the end of 2020 as a Processing magazine Breakthrough Product of the year. We are excited with this award and thank the entire team at Endeavor Business Media. For any questions or to request further information, email Lori Ditoro (


Sealing Equipment Products Company, Inc. (SEPCO) is a global sealing solutions provider based in Alabaster, Alabama. With a history of providing quality fluid and dry sealing components, SEPCO manufactures pump and valve packing, mechanical seals, gasket materials, high-performance plastics, air seals, and bearing isolators.

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