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Author: Stan Riddle

If You MUST Cut a Shim…

Stan Riddle, VibrAlign When I started in maintenance, cutting shims for alignment was commonplace.  Today, there are many different sizes of…

A Problem Waiting to Happen

Author: Stan Riddle, VibrAlign In maintenance, we work in a dangerous world.  Industry and OSHA have developed numerous regulations to mitigate the risk…

soft foot

Take Two to Minimize Soft Foot

Author: Stan Riddle, VibrAlign There are two types of shaft misalignment – offset and angular, and there are two types of soft…

angular misalignment tutorial

Angular Misalignment Tutorial

Author: Stan Riddle, VibrAlign Angular misalignment can be confusing to many aligners. Offset, or parallel misalignment, can be pretty straightforward. You…

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