Armstrong Announces a Series of Fire Safety Solution Webinars for June

Armstrong Announces a Series of Fire Safety Solution Webinars for June

Armstrong Fluid Technology has created a series of three webinars designed to help building owners, managers, engineers and contractors discover more effective and efficient solutions for their fire safety needs.

Ranging from a live panel discussion with Fire Safety Experts to webinars exploring the benefits of a packaged fire safety approach and the cost saving variable speed fire pumps, the webinars are focused on enhancing building performance.

The individual webinars and a link to free registration are listed below:

Armstrong Packaged Fire Safety Solutions for Rapid, Low-risk Deployment
June 10th
Start time: 9AM BST / 10AM CEST / 11AM AST / 1:30PM IST / 4PM CST

Fire suppression solutions are often needed for installation in buildings where indoor space is unavailable or in regions where assembly labor and tools are scarce. For any number of reasons on-site assembly may be impractical or too expensive. For these types of situations, a complete packaged system approach to fire suppression can save a project. Join us Wednesday, June 10th for a discussion on the possibilities in packaged fire solutions and the benefits for designers, contractors and customers.
Register Here

Ask a Fire Safety Expert – Live Panel Discussion
June 16th
Start time: 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific / 9AM Mountain / 10AM Central)

For a true Fire Safety Professional, the job and the contribution to the safety of others is a constant source of pride, as is their depth of knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. But as much as the pros all know their own specialty, everyone has more to learn. So, bring your questions about fire safety and fire suppression systems to our Ask the Expert Session on Tuesday, June 16th. We’ve assembled a panel of Fire systems experts to answer any questions you can throw at them!
If you’d like to make sure your question is addressed in the session, send it to us in advance via email Register today to save your place!

If you’d like to make sure your question is addressed in the session, send it to us in advance via email to Register today to save your place!
Register Here

How Sprinkler Contractors Can Save Time and Money
with Self-Regulating, Variable-Speed Fire Pumps
June 19th
Start time: 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific / 9AM Mountain / 10AM Central)

Safety is not an option and fire codes must be met. But you can adhere to the fire code, and even beyond, and still be smart about your work and your cost management. Still relatively new to the industry and the NFPA code, Self-regulating, Variable-speed Fire Pumps offer amazing savings in materials, installation labor, commissioning and on-going maintenance. Join us Friday, June 19th for a deep-dive into new, intelligent variable-speed technology, its application to Fire Pumps, and how it will transform the installation of fire sprinkler systems.
Register Here

Missed a webinar? Click here to visit the Armstrong Webinar Library
to watch the previously recorded webinars.

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