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Why Should I Use RotaChocks?

Industry News
RC5 bolted assembly.65 RotaChock

Why Should I Use RotaChocks?

Implementation of the RotaChock product into your machinery system lowers the total life cycle cost of your machinery.

Whether you:

  • Fabricate to sell
  • Fabricate to rent
  • Operate


  •  Own machinery your objective is to produce at the lowest cost, at the production line and throughout the total cost management of the equipment.
  • The RotaChock improves the bottom line!

Machinery mounting takes on many forms in all types of industries:

  • Power Plants
  • Gas Compression Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Industrial Production Systems
  • Energy Discovery, Well Head, Mid-Stream and Up-Stream
  • Marine Propulsion and Power

The RotaChock will minimize or eliminate the number one reason for poor performance of the machinery.  The poor transfer of forces from rotating machines to their foundations.


All machinery breaks and we hope it operates as long as possible within the maintenance parameters and required duty cycle wherein the machinery just wears out.  Fact is – most of the time it does not last as long as projected.

Most machinery breaks down or prematurely wears out due to some unplanned vibration in the system.  Most studies cite the cause of the problem as a poor or degrading mounting plane for the machinery.  Whether on a ship, or skid or inertial mass (concrete block) the mounting plane of the machine helps to maintain the oil film thickness in the bearings, ring clearance in the piston head, face seal or impeller to volute clearances.  These clearances are critical to the machine’s function.  And far too many times issues start with the mounting plane.

We are the best at creating the mounting plane!  From design to wear limits our device will make mounting plane.  Just a word of caution – The RotaChock does not fix poor foundation design or correct for poor system maintenance protocols.  But the RotaChock makes the whole system easier to design and service at the lowest cost possible.

RotaChock Introduction

The RotaChock is an adjustable, self-leveling and reusable equipment mounting chock.  The RotaChock is a blend of engineering and years of field experience to produce a strong, stiff and elegant device to end machinery softfoot.

Okay enough – just tell why I should use the RotaChock?

Foundations degrade, Skids rack in transportation and **it happens.  The mounting plane over the lifecycle changes – the chock needs to be adjustable and able to accommodate the small deviations that exist from time the engineering package is issued until their steel in field.

We design flat foundations – in the real world they are never flat.  There is steel tolerances, twisting in transportation, welding, more transportation and racking of the skid.  All create non-coplanar surfaces for the feet of the milled flat feet.

Alignment and softfoot is measured in 0.001” (thousands of an inch).  We offer alignment and mounting with zero softfoot.

Zero softfoot within minutes and for the lifecycle of the equipment!

Zero softfoot, a sound foundation and good alignment will result the best possible vibration signature for the equipment.  Minimal or no vibration in the system will be long lasting system.

Mounting with the RotaChock is a minute’s process.

  • No longer a trial and error method of shims.
  • No longer milling foundations or making liners.
  • No longer pouring epoxy resins.

Whether in the shop or a field installation:  Align, Install the RotaChock, and Release the jacking bolts, Install and Tighten the mounting hardware – finished!!

And best yet!

If the alignment needs to be changed in life of the machine – adjust the chock to recreate the perfect mounting plane.  The RotaChock is reusable!

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