Sine pumps for high viscous syrup in drinks production

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Sine pumps for high viscous syrup in drinks production

Contributor: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

At BrauBeviale, Watson-Marlow will showcase a selection of its specialist range of technology for the drinks industry, including Sine pump Certa. The pump’s high performance and versatility has been illustrated with mixerTurboDigi from manufacturer FAMIX-Maschinenbau GmbH. This system uses Certa for metering syrup, providing gentle transfer and excellent CIP-capabilities.

Sine pumps are positive displacement pumps. The rotation of sinusoidal rotors creates four equal circumferential chambers, which are displaced as a whole, the chamber volume does not change. The medium is gently carried from the inlet port to the outlet port. The seal from the pressure side to the suction side is guaranteed by a plastic gate located on the rotor. This simple, yet powerful design makes Sine pumps the perfect choice for transferring high-viscosity liquids, easily able to cope with viscosities up to 8 million centipoises.

For the drinks industry, this pump principle offers gentle pumping in a great variety of applications. “In drinks industry, sine pumps are used in all applications, where high viscous media need to be transferred gently, with low pulsation and low shear”, says Watson-Marlow Commercial Manager Christian Paschen. This includes unloading frozen orange juice concentrate from tanker ships, as well as transferring yeast in breweries or handling delicate whey or cream in dairy applications.

FAMIX TurboDigi: Innovative all-in-one solution individually customized.

Illustrating Sine pump capabilities, Watson-Marlow’s stand in Nuremberg will feature the mixer FAMIX TurboDigi by FAMIX Maschinenbau GmbH. This system for the production of sophisticated drinks combines deaeration, mixing and carbonation in one compact system. The mixing ratios are controlled by a high-precision digital flow meter system. Thanks to the patented FAMIX carbonation and mixing device, the manufacture of drinks either still or sparkling is possible.

The FAMIX TurboDigi uses a Certa Sine pump as syrup pump. “Metering the syrup is a crucial step in the process”, explains Herbert Falterbaum, Managing Director at FAMIX-Maschinenbau GmbH. Syrup is not only the most expensive raw material in producing mixed drinks, it is also key to maintain end-product quality and consistency.

The Sine pump masters this task with ease: The volumetric positive displacement pump whose flow rate is directly proportional to the speed is flexibly adapting the amount of syrup to the desired mixing ratio and is pumping the syrup gently, with low shear and virtually no pulsation. The simple but innovative design with just one rotor, one shaft and one seal simplifies maintenance. “Moreover, the pump’s excellent hygienic and CIP capabilities, predestine the pump for use in mixer systems such as our TurboDigi or our multi-stream system TurboDigiS”, says Herbert Falterbaum, Managing Director at Famix. “An additional advantage is that various viscosities can be handled with the one pump.”

Certa reduces the time for CIP cleaning cycles, minimising downtime while offering maximum hygiene for food and beverage applications. All contact parts on the pump are FDA and EC1935/2004 compliant. Providing EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Aseptic certification, Certa can be used in aseptic processes and is bacteria tight without requiring additional steam ports.

Further advantage: Certa offers significant energy benefits compared to less-efficient pumps. Depending on the application, power consumption is reduced by up to 50%. The Sine pump is available in seven different sizes offering flows from 100 l/h to 99,000 l/h.

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