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Realigning America Tour 2014

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Realigning America

Realigning America Tour 2014

On the heels of their successful tour in 2013, VibrAlign of Richmond, Virginia is taking their knowledge nationwide for their second year. Taking place in 24 events across the nation from April 24th to October 16th, the goal of the tour is to keep American companies running strong by showing local manufacturers two of the most important maintenance procedures for keeping their equipment running: alignment and coupling.

Given small businesses and manufacturers make up a significant part of the American economy, VibrAlign believes although alignment and coupling are small parts of the overall manufacturing process, they are vital for maintaining expensive machinery in both improving performance and extending life.

Some of the subjects covered on the tour include basic and advanced shaft alignment concepts, critical pre-alignment steps, coupling failure modes and analysis, and even questions and issues from audience members. VibrAlign encourages those who attend to tailor the event to their needs by submitting questions during the registration process. Events begin a t 7:30 a.m. and run until noon with a continental breakfast provided.

So how much will all of this cost your business? Absolutely nothing. Don’t expect VibrAlign to make up for the light price with a flashy sales pitch either. The events solely cover techniques, procedures, and all related issues, as well as why they are so important in manufacturing. And if you don’t believe VibrAlign puts education first, check out their video library with over 70 videos on the subject, all free for the viewing.

In fact, these videos are how the Realigning America Tour began when Elliot Wilson of Lovejoy Inc. found the library. He then contacted David Zdrojewski , and the idea for the Realigning America Tour was born. Due to the two companies’ similar corporate culture of giving back to the community by educating businesses, as well as active participation in the Boys & Girls Club of America, it was a natural partnership.

More on Lovejoy Inc. – It is one of a rapidly declining number of manufacturing companies left in America that is family owned and operated. Their part in the tour involves demonstrating how to select, install, maintain, and diagnose coupling. Like VibrAlign, they also have a huge video library and resource center.

Attendees of the tour are sure to select machines better and keep them running longer. “If we can help businesses do that,” said David Zdrojewski of VibrAlign, “we’re successful.”

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this free, educational opportunity! To learn more or reserve your spot on the tour go to VibrAlign Realigning America Tour 2014.

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