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Transforming Their World With A Water Pump

Charli's Blog
CharliKMatthews angels 2015

Transforming Their World With A Water Pump

I am sure you are wondering what these beautiful angels have to do with the pump industry… and I hope that by the end of this post you will understand.CharliKMatthews_angels_2015

From a very early age, I have loved children. I received my first Goddaughter at age 19 who still brings me such joy today. I can remember my favorite times with her were just sitting on the floor playing games together. But there was nothing quite the same as when she would run to me and say “Kay Kay” … it was simply – THE BEST!

Because of that, I always thought I would have a career with children. Instead I started my career having children of my own… I am now blessed with three crazy awesome children, Jackson -10, Andrew – almost 8, and Karli 5. If you follow my FB, I will apologize now for all the kid photos. #SorryNotSorry They are my favorite! A child’s smile… Is there anything better? Ok, Maybe their laughter 🙂 This is a true passion of mine! I adore children… I find myself making faces at kids in airports and restaurants probably making their parents worry about the “crazy lady smiling at my baby!”

So… when I thought of taking care of the orphans in Uganda… sponsoring 1… just would not do! So, I decided on our family’s lucky number 32. It is amazing how you can see things connect, if you pay attention. 32 now connects me to these beautiful children and a man who has a camp house via exit 32.

Thinking of this Connection… Let me back up and tell you how I learned about the orphanage in Uganda. Mr. Winters, a dear friend, track coach, math and science teacher, high school senior sponsor, and the one I like to refer to is my spiritual leader. I have watched him lead young adults for 20 years now.  Unfortunately, I never ran track, so I will never be his favorite… which he loves to remind me! 🙂  All kidding aside, he is a true leader. The best thing about Brian is he understands learning needs to be fun. There is never a dull moment with him around, and I think this is why I am drawn to him.

I was recently searching for answers, so Brian and I were having more regular communication. He would mention his trips to Uganda. I would always ask about them, and knew I wanted to go with him. As I look for answers about my own personal life, what’s the next step for EP… What is the purpose of my life and business? I found myself wanting to talk more with Brian… I was looking for my next steps and our conversations were always so helpful in figuring out what was driving me. I don’t believe there is a work-life balance… I think there is just LIFE. And your LIFE should be LIVED to help others with the gifts and passion God gave you.

I could never just sponsor one child… I could never help just one person… I could never be happy just making money to support myself…

I am currently reading Brian Houston’s book, Live Love Lead: Your Best is Yet to Come! And this quote spoke to me:

“God wants you to fully engage with resources and gifts that he’s entrusted to you. He wants you investing them and producing a greater return for his kingdom, not burying them or using them for your own purposes.”

I often ask when I meet someone new, what do you do for fun or what’s their hobby? I am looking for their passion. When someone opens up and tells you their true passion… its gold! The sparkle in their eyes is like the most beautiful sunset… I could just stare into them all day.

This sparkle is in Brian’s eyes when he talks about the Chance Project in Uganda… He is basically giving these children a chance to LIVE… To live in a healthy environment that focuses on eating, sleeping, and teaching. He manages the funds through his local church ministry and makes regular trips to Uganda to document the funds are put to the promised projects. I would like to join him on his trip over in May or Nov 2016.

The orphanage has between 200-250 kids from about 3 years to 6th grade.  It is in western Uganda next to the mountains that are the border to the Congo.  Although it is called an orphanage, about half of the kids come from homes where the parents just can’t take care of them or provide insufficient food and guidance.  Pastor David Kiiza is in charge of the school that prepares the children with much better educational standards than any of the public schools in the area.  The kids sleep there and attend classes there. 

I want to bring these angels CLEAN water. Currently they have an old pump that has to have frequency and costly maintenance. I have contacted a charity in the pump industry, but the problem is they aren’t currently working in Uganda. This program would like to move into Uganda but need to be connected with a NGO. It would be very costly to send the pump from the US and then you would still need to install it. The pump would help the orphanage, but there are other people in the area that would also get their water from there too.

So, I am asking for your help. Have you worked in Uganda developing clean water wells? Do you have a different passion or talent that you would like to introduce to these children?   Most of all we are excited to bring these children joy… the joy found in a simple day of play!

For more information, please contact me at or call my cell at 205-391-8422.

XOXO, Charli

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4 responses to “Transforming Their World With A Water Pump”

  1. Jed Pratt says:

    OK Charli,

    You got me with Transforming Their world with a Water Pump.

    I will now add your website and blog to my routine.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Andy lee says:

    Clean water is so important. These orphan children deserve clean water as with all children around the world. Charli, I hope you are able to provide for these children with a new water pump.

    • The children do have the water pump to get the seemingly clean water pumped out of the ground for them to use but the water still had a bacteria or something that was giving them infection. We are still looking for a filer solution that would work in these areas of poor infrastructure. A student at the university has a new idea that would filter the water out of the containers for them.

  3. Bestiee says:

    Wow! really sound great! Just keep an eye that they are taking clean water or not. Thank you so much.

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