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The “To Do” List

Charli's Blog

The “To Do” List

Where is my “To-Do” List?  This is a question I ask myself daily.  After which I find out that have several started, none finished list… The are usually separated Mommy, Work, Wife, Sister, Friend… If you are like me, I find it hard to prioritize these lists?

Most days I get these all out of order and couldn’t tell you what was actually first on the list, because I lost it.  But I think it is important to have these list… Why?  So I can see what I really planned to do… What I really would like to do if given the time…

Have you made a personal and a professional list? A selfish and an unselfish list?

I think it is very important to look at these from time to time so you will be able to remember your goals when opportunties arise.

For example, I have a “Travel-List”.  Places that I really want to see at some point in my life.  I keep these in mind and when an opportunity presents itself I make the extra effort to make them happen.  Earlier this week, I was in MA for a Social Media Presentation (which I loved).  I have been there several times, but I have never been to Maine which was on my travel-list. So, I took an extra day and planned to drive up the coast to visit.  I knew this was my plan, so when a client mentioned they would be in Maine as well, I told them I would come visit! The extra treat was that the client was a sailor with a very impressive sailboat. (sailing is also on one of my “must do” lists)  So, I was able to accomplish several things on my lists because I have set goals and remind myself of them regularly.

I tell you this story so you will make a point to plan a little fun while you are managing your overwhelming “to-do” lists… Sometimes we need to just write FUN on the list so we remember how important it is!

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