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Taking Time to do the “Important” Things


Author: Cieana Detloff

Let’s talk about how you can get involved with Empowering Women in Industry.

We know you’re busy, that’s why we wanted to let you know that it only takes 3 seconds to join the Empowering Women in Industry LinkedIn group! It’s ok if you want to watch what’s going on from the sidelines – as long as you’re secretly cheering us on in your head!

And if you ever find yourself needing a Community of awesome, talented professionals to consult with or talk to, you’ll have a place readily available to go for support and encouragement!

If you have longer than 3 seconds, Nominate Someone for one of our Awards! We promise that nominating someone who has had a positive impact on you is much less annoying than that “poke” feature Facebook used to have…plus, what a great way to honor that person who’s had such a significant effect on you! Your nomination can even include someone you want to recognize for impressive growth and improvement! Check out the list of awards that will be given at the 2019 conference & gala.

Another great way to get involved with this Community is to to Share Your Story. It could be a story about anything you feel might ‘ring a bell’ with others – a story about being Empowered, learning something new, something that helped you or how you may have helped others (yes, ladies, brag on yourselves!!! Y’all do awesome work day in and day out and we want to tell the world about it!) As Charli K. Matthews mentioned recently, “You never know what line in your story will help someone with their day.”

If you are interested in presenting, there is also still time to submit an abstract! During our recent steering committee meeting, we reorganized the conference schedule to make room for more presentations! If you feel inclined to present at the conference, complete a submission form by December 5th!

We’ve also posted our Event Sponsorships, so take a look and decide how you’d like to get involved.

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