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Empowering Brands Launches Empowering Women in Industry Community and Event

Empowering Women

A Pump Industry ‘veteran’ is taking action to ensure women working in industry have the support they need to “embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world”. With the acknowledgement that one in four female engineers leaves the field by age 30 (recently reported by The Society of Women Engineers), Empowering Women in Industry is an initiative designed to help women persevere in male-dominated careers.   

Empowering Women in Industry, a brand founded by Charli K. Matthews, will seek to connect, educate and cultivate female leaders in industrial markets through its new website, online community, and upcoming Conference & Gala that will empower women to work hard, accomplish goals and “be their best selves.”   

Charli is the CEO of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, a popular online information and connection hub for the pump & related equipment industries.  She has personally witnessed the attrition of exceptional women from the industry and believes they leave before achieving success principally due to the lack of a supportive professional network and mentors.  

The Empowering Women in Industry website will be an online hub where women can share experiences, network with peers and find mentors.  Membership in this new online community is completely free and provides members with monthly updates, stories from leading ladies in industry, opportunities to network and industry news.

The Inaugural Conference & Award Gala for “Empowering Women in Industry” will be held September 26, 2019 in Chicago, IL. Registration will open June 2019, with special early bird registration opening in April. The conference is now accepting papers and presentations from women with industrial experience and knowledge to share with the next generation of female leaders.

Follow the  Empowering Women in Industry social channels and engage on  twitter using @WomenInInd along with the hashtags: #womenempoweringwomen, #womeninindustry, and #empoweringwomeninindustry.

About Empowering Brands: Founded in 2011, Empowering Brands is a versatile, full service digital media and marketing services company with a mission to Connect, Inform, and Educate through information and connection hubs.



  1. Congrats Lisa! I remember the first time I stepped into a SWPA meeting in Milwaukee in the early 2000’s, I don’t think the group had ever seen a woman beyond Carol. And I was a marketer not an engineer so they didn’t quite know what to do with me. So they embraced me! I spent many years with that group including sitting on the board and even getting a new section added to the handbook! It’s a great group. Tell Carol and Adam Hi from Toni. So glad to see all this women involvement. It was a lonely male world when I was in it. Keep it up ladies.


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