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Systematic labor especially for some useful purpose or the creation of something of value

Charli's Blog
Digital Magazine Sept 22 Charli's letter

Systematic labor especially for some useful purpose or the creation of something of value

I think about the word “industry” a lot. Whatever word you put in front of industry completely changes how people relate to it. Take for example the term pump industry, people may think only pump manufacturers fit into this category. It is not the case. There are so many different types of equipment that help run pumping systems, so it can’t just be pump manufacturers in this network or innovation and growth would be limited. Also, a vast number of industries like water, energy, and food are kept running with many professionals working together such as engineers, operators, maintenance, and reliability personnel. It is amazing to think about how many people are in the pump industry. For this reason and the fact that I like to be inclusive, I often simply say “in industry.” For example, we formed the community, Empowering Women in Industry, because we wanted to stretch outside the “pump” Industry and make sure we didn’t leave out any critical areas of leadership.

Digital Magazine Sept 22 Charli's letter (1)I think we learn best when we are around a diverse group of talented individuals and we feel safe, respected, and on mission. This is why we continue to have Empowering Events and are involved with other organizations’ trade shows that share that mindset.

Digital Magazine Sept 22 Charli's letter (1)I hope to connect with you at one of the industry-leading events. I will personally be attending IMTS, TPS, and WEFTEC, to name a few. The Empowering Women in Industry Conference, Award Gala & Industry Fashion Show will be on October 13th in New Orleans. It will follow WEFTEC week where Empowering Pumps & Equipment is a proud award partner for the amazing Operation Challenge competition. Make plans to be there! Also, don’t forget to get your tickets for the Empowering Pumps & Industry Conference, #EPIC2022. It is shaping up to be one EPIC and impactful event where Industry and Workforce gather to connect. Join us!

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