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Serving Leadership

Charli's Blog
Serving Leadership

Serving Leadership

Servant leadership is a style based on the desire to serve and give to your community.

“By putting the needs of others first, you empower people to perform at their best. When members of the community see your passion and your commitment through your actions, they want to be connected to you.” NSLS

Serving LeadershipWith the goal of serving others, I set out to Uganda. The plan was to visit several churches, primary schools, and friends in Kampala & Kasese. I am not a pastor, teacher, or even a youth director. I am just a girl who loves the Lord with a love for the Uganda people. Ever since Brian Winters, my high school Math/Science teacher, shared with me their stories, I have wanted to travel to Africa. I knew they had great needs for things like water and education, but I didn’t have any expectations about how I could help. I just knew I was called to show up and serve. The Lord directed my steps and after nearly 10years of lunches with Brian and the never-ending sharing of the Uganda people with me through photos and storytelling, I was able to say “YES” to the calling on my heart to serve with Brian in Uganda. I have always loved how he could call each child by their name as he was telling me of his trips. I wanted to meet these amazing children and the leaders in the community that took care of them. I had once given financial support to the children, and Brian created a photo that said, “Charli’s Angels.” Of course, I needed to meet these angels who hung in my office.

The most significant thing I learned from the trip was that as you serve others, your love for them grows. You could truly feel your heart overflow with love and joy to be in their presence. I especially felt this with the team of pastors that served with us. The ones that do this work so beautifully every day.

Serving LeadershipI also learned that all you have to do is show up. God will instruct those around you on how we can use our gifts. I had no plans when I arrived. By the end of the trip, I had helped share the Living Water of Jesus with over 2500 students, twirled a baton made from a eucalyptus tree, led a bible study for women who didn’t speak English via a translator, played with children in a poor fisherman’s village, and I led an empowering women conference with 25 women who were inspired and to build their own businesses and create financial security for their families. This is just a touch of the things I have to share with you. Please follow my blog for the rest of the story…

I hope you can all see value in serving. Serving Leadership is about getting out of our comfort zones and showing up for the team that needs us. Who will you serve today?

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