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SEPCO Launches New Website


Contributor: SEPCO

The new www.sepco.com has been revamped to be more than a website. It will be a useful resource for all seal technology end users. New features include:

  • Interactive product finder
  • Seal Connect – an ever-growing knowledge center on everything reliability and sealing
  • Improved product pages with larger images
  • Easy-access UPS and FedEx shipment tracking
  • Improved industry resource pages

With the new, interactive product finder, visitors may search for products by keyword, industry, product name, or product number. This makes locating items easier.

Adding Seal Connect—the new knowledge center from SEPCO—to the website allows visitors to get any question answered in one location. Our experts now have a forum to share their wealth of knowledge. As the industrial community moves in the direction of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), our team realizes that informed equipment choices are the first step in having a reliable and low-maintenance plant that can reap the benefits of IIoT innovations. We want to help plant personnel make the best sealing technology choices for their equipment. Seal Connect will help with this selection process by providing SEPCO and other industry experts’ educational content and will include:

  • Technical articles
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Videos with SEPCO and other industry experts
  • Webinars presented by SEPCO and other industry experts
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs


Sealing Equipment Products Company, Inc. (SEPCO) is a global sealing solutions provider based in Alabaster, Alabama. With a history of providing quality fluid and dry sealing components, SEPCO manufactures pump and valve packing, mechanical seals, gasket materials, high-performance plastics, air seals, and bearing isolators. www.sepco.com .

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