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Mini Pumps, Big Jobs!

Charli's Blog
Photo of fast flow pump water spray

Mini Pumps, Big Jobs!


As the sun begins to bake everyone and everything in Alabama, I decided I would take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico, a beloved vacation spot for my family.  This trip was special… “Only I would go to Gulf Shores via Mississippi,” said my mom.  It was a different way to go, but it was well worth it!


I was invited by Steve Pemberton, Owner of Fast Flow Pumps, to visit their facility in Moss Point, MS to see a very impressive “Little” pump.  Of course having three children, all I could think of was the children’s book,  “The Little Engine that Could.”  Well, let me tell you… This Pump CAN!


The intriguing part about this pump was that Steve claimed it had no mechanical seals, no wear plates, no gears, and no seals.  Now, if you can

Photo of fast flow pump water spray

get you head around that…. Then he throws in that the pump could run dry and the impeller has no contact with the housing.   I was amazed! So, I scheduled a time to go and see a live demo.


When I arrived, I was welcomed by Steve and introduced to his staff.  Then, we headed outside to see what the little pump could do.


Steve explained that the pump is a patented double suction annular inlet pump technology.  It is the only centrifugal pump that he knows of, in the world, which does not have a mechanical seal.

Picture of Charli K. Matthews and Steve Pemberton


Many times Steve would say, “It’s just too simple.” The pump basically has three parts, top case, bottom,

and impeller.  This means there is no internal friction.  This is what allows Fast Flow Pumps to have Big Flow Rates while pumping heavy solids like Drilling Mud Cuttings and Waste materials.


You can see a video here:


The Mini 3” pump that was used in the demo was 26 pounds.  This makes for very easy transport.


See… even I can carry it!

Picture of Charli K. Matthews and the mini pump











In the oil & gas industry, reducing transport costs means a lot! But you are not giving up production with a smaller pump, the Mini 3” can pump 100 barrels of 15pound drill cement solids in 11.5 minutes.  This is impressive!


Photo of the Twin HPU Systems

We also discussed the Twin HPU Systems that are packed with Safety, Environmental, and Maintenance considerations.  Steve worked in Alaskan oil field for 26 years, so he knows the challenges and created a pump that makes your life easier.  For example, the skids have lift boots, pallet jack slots, and Oring binder rings for easy transport.   I was also impressed that the slid had an oil spill containment built-in.



Lastly, I must mention Mike Earle who told me the story of the Emergency Bilge Pump.  Since we are getting ready for Summer days filled with boating… You should really check to see if your vessel

has a Bilge pump from Fast Flow Pumps!  It can pump water out of a sinking boat faster than any other, plus it is reliable and can run dry (aka when you aren’t sinking).  Vessel owners, you might want to take a look! It could save your boat or your life!


Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump












For more information about Fast Flow Pumps, please visit:


see more phot

os from my trip, please visit our Facebook Page.

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  1. Hello Charli, Thanks again for the article, any marketing help is much appreciated. We have a couple new pump designs to show you, let’s visit soon. Best, Steve

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