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Remove Iron Oxide Buildup with the New LPD-Mag Y-Strainer


Introducing the LPD-Mag from the Metraflex company—the lowest pressure drop Y-Strainer on the market, upgraded with a Neodymium magnet to catch iron oxides. The LPD-Mag is the industry’s first strainer solution to pump seal failures caused by iron oxide within the piping system.

The Low Pressure Drop Y-Strainer from Metraflex was the result of a completely re-engineered design of the traditional Y-Strainer. The LPD Y-Strainer provides a much better pressure drop and at the same time a much higher debris capacity than any Y-Strainer or basket strainer on the market.

“Users looking for lower pressure drop efficacies have also been using pumps with ECM motors, which are a big improvement over the traditional electric motors,” explains Jim Clauss, Vice President of The Metraflex Company. “However, it turns out that using the ECM motors have an unintended consequence. The larger, very powerful magnets from the pump draw the iron oxide into the seal area of the pump, causing seal failures.” These users came to Metraflex looking for a solution to the iron oxide problem, and the LPD-Mag was created.

The LPD-Mag works as a traditional LPD Y-Strainer to filter out debris within the system. The Neodymium rare-earth magnet installed within the strainer assists in the removal of iron oxide buildup, helping to assure your system runs smoothly. The magnet is installed into the collection vortex of the LPD, maximizing the magnet’s ability to catch iron oxide. The blow down port is designed to allow for a thorough blow down of the strainer to remove metallic and non-metallic debris, while in service.

Customers with an existing LPD Y-Strainer from Metraflex in their system have the option of a retrofit kit. The kit includes a cover plate as well as the Neodymium magnet and drywell, fully prepared for insertion. Simply remove the original cover plate and replace with the provided magnet-ready plate.

Founded in 1958, The Metraflex Company manufactures a variety of specialty piping products including metal and elastomer joints, pump connectors, valves, pipe penetration seals, pipe guides and products for the fire protection and fire sprinkler industry.

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