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Maintenance & Reliability Summit

Charli's Blog
Maintenance & Reliability Summit 2023

Maintenance & Reliability Summit

Our goal is to Connect, Inform, and Educate the pump & related equipment industries and with that mission in mind, we are back with another virtual summit talking all about maintenance and reliability. If you’re in this field, you know how critical it is for our equipment to be operating efficiently and reliably. But in today’s digital age, maintenance and reliability is so much more than just keeping your equipment running.

In this summit, you’re going to learn about adaptive work management, ways to increase diversity and inclusivity for women in engineering fields, how we can improve reliability, and much more.

Speaker Line Up:

0:00:01– Do we really need more women in Engineering?

In this presentation, Sanya Mathura will discuss how women add a diversity of thought to any situation and can bring innovative problem-solving skills to challenges. We often hear that we need more women in Engineering but is this the only field in which we need more women? In this session, we will take a look at the fields in which women are underrepresented and talk about some of the things we can do differently to make these fields more inclusive to help solve the challenges of the future.

0:29:45 – Holistic Reliability, Attaining Exponential Results Through Empowerment

The presentation from George Williams will provide an understanding of holistic reliability and how empowering the entire organization results in cultural evolution and high reliability.

0:59:00 – The evolution of the service industry into the fourth industrial revolution

Today’s rotating equipment service market is flooded with new and innovative solutions that influence reliability and maintenance strategies. With all the options, choosing the best fit is overwhelming and the cost associated with the wrong choice can be high. In this session, Marlin Schulz will discuss the evolving service industry and its impact on reliability and maintenance practices. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the integration of services as our industry moves through to Industry 4.0, and what talking points and discussions should be happening within their organizations that can help take the next steps toward improved reliability and maintenance practices. Both end users and service providers will benefit from a better understanding of the many leverage points in the reliability and maintenance system and what role they play.

1:26:23 – Adapt to Succeed: How Adaptive Work Management Can Transform Your Team

In this presentation, AW Shultz will discuss how our work environments are rapidly changing, and technology has transformed our work. Work today is often done across multiple locations and with various teams worldwide. This has led to the need for changes in work management. Unlock a new level of collaboration, communication, and efficiency to take your team’s success to the next level. The implementation of adaptive work management requires understanding your team’s needs, customizing tools and processes, setting clear goals, tracking progress, and adopting effective communication strategies. By carefully considering these factors, businesses can successfully implement adaptive work management that suits their team’s needs and work culture, ultimately boosting productivity.

1:57:30 – The 2 things you need for Reliability and Maintenance Success

Do you keep hearing about a new concept of how to manage maintenance? Or maybe a new technology has you in its grips…buy those sensors or new software promised to make it easier! But there are two things that you must manage well to be a success and no, it’s not technology. It’s preventive maintenance and planning and scheduling. Learn more in this presentation from Greg Mecomber.

2:25:58 – Preserving Plant Knowledge: Leveraging IIoT Technology for Effective Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance Optimization.

This discussion with Juan Cid will focus on overall monitoring education and available technology for new plant personnel. The pandemic accelerated the retirement of the experienced workforce with all their tacit knowledge. Some plants have chosen to contract out monitoring, which unfortunately risks that plant knowledge is also contracted out. With the increased IIoT (industrial internet of things) market, and all the convenience it comes with, the new (tech-savvy) workforce can keep equipment monitoring internally, often optimizing their maintenance teams, and with that maintain their plant knowledge.

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