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Lunch & Learn with Vince: Removal of Scale Build up with Scalewatcher

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Lunch & Learn with Vince: Removal of Scale Build up with Scalewatcher

In this Lunch & Learn with Vince, Vince talks to Pam McDowell, Office/Sales Manager at Scalewatcher North America Inc. Pam joined the team at Scalewatcher North America in 2005 as a bookkeeper, then sales manager, and is currently managing the day to day operations.

Vince and Pam discuss the various uses of scalewatcher and walk through some examples of past customer success. Topics covered include removal of scale build-up in water infrastructure without the use of chemicals, results of the use of Scalewatcher Electronic Descaler in Ice Production and Commercial Water Heaters, and then water treatment, descaling, scale build-up, electronic descaler, water softener, and more.

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