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Annual “Brawl at the Beach” includes KSB Maintenance Event at the South Carolina Environmental Conference


KSB is excited to be supplying the package again this year for the Operations Challenge KSB Maintenance Events happening at regional conferences across the country throughout 2019. The purpose of the KSB Maintenance Event is to test the skills of a maintenance team to respond to trouble at a sanitary sewer lift station that has resulted in an alarm. The teams will need to troubleshoot the electrical control panel, troubleshoot and perform routine maintenance on the KSB submersible pump, and restore the pump station to normal operating condition.

WEFTEC Operations Challenge to Use KSB Amarex KRT Pumps with F-Max Impellers

KSB will be at the South Carolina Environmental Conference in March 2019. The SCEC features a variety of hands-on water and wastewater operations competitions, including the Operations Challenge, Hydrant Hysteria, Top Ops, Meter Madness, Pipe Tapping, and the annual Best Tasting Water Contest. Held over 3 full days, from March 10th through the 13th, 2019, ten teams will compete in the KSB Maintenance Event. These teams include:

  • Mount Pleasant Waterworks, Controlled Chaos
  • Greenwood Metro – Lethal Concentration
  • City of Columbia – Charley’s Angels
  • North Charleston Sewer – Code Brown
  • Ontario Clean Water Agency, OCWA
  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District – HRSD Skid Marks
  • City of Columbus Ohio – Columbus Outfalls
  • City of Charlotte NC – Operational Hazards
  • New York – Brown Tide
  • Arizona – Turdiology

To keep up with all the KSB Maintenance Events, visit the KSB website and Follow Along on Social Media using the hashtags #KSBMaintenanceEvent #OpsChallenge.

Operations Challenge: Water and Wastewater Professionals ‘Work their Magic’ at the KSB Maintenance Events


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