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International Trade Shows | First-Hand Knowledge of the Global Pump Industry

Charli's Blog
MCE 2014

International Trade Shows | First-Hand Knowledge of the Global Pump Industry

Across the globe, industrial professionals are working diligently to develop the best pump and valve industry technologies. Recently has been covering a lot of news related to standards and requirements in the pump industry and included in those important topics have been the desires of many engineers and pump industry pros to increase standardization not only locally in the U.S., but also worldwide. Our focus at has always been on the global pump industry due to the nature of the work involved; products and services are being performed, developed, installed, and maintained across the entire globe.

In February 2014, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview the co-owner of Torrent Engineering to discuss the pump stations his company installed in Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics. This month my pump industry ‘globe-trotting’ takes me to Italy, where I am excitedly looking forward to attending the MCE Global Comfort Technology trade show happening March 18-21st.

For years I’ve been encouraged to attend the MCE Global Comfort Technology trade show. Ilaria Favella of SAER.Elettropompe told me about the event several years ago at OTC and said it was a must attend event and it has always been on my list of show plans. After Pump Industry Pro, Frank Taaning of Danfoss also recommended the event I knew I simply had to attend in 2014!

Why Attend International Trade Shows?

For all who understand the benefits involved in attending local trade shows and trade shows within the home country of your pump company’s locale, it isn’t much of a stretch to comprehend how important it is to extend your attendance reach to an international level. Trade shows function as important ways for complimentary businesses to connect with one another, for pump industry professionals to share aspects of their knowledge and show off the new technologies they’ve developed, and to reach Client Companies who might otherwise be less familiar with the many industrial products and services your organization offers.

Projects and system work involving the use of pump technologies are definitely happening worldwide. Consider differing climates, environmental conditions, different project methods in use, as well as focuses on energy efficiencies and sustainability.  All of these differing factors means there is much to learn from placing yourself directly where other industrial professionals are gathering for international trade shows.

You might discover things such as preference when it comes to materials used in creating pumping systems in other countries, which you can then discuss the reasons for with the pros you meet at these international trade shows. For instance, in the YouTube Video where Ilaria Favella is being interviewed about her Italian pump company’s choice of production location, materials, and delivery time she describes the type of materials used, which are different from what her interviewer initially suggested. She talks about being involved in a family owned company and describes her reasoning behind choosing to continue producing pumps in Italy, instead of using an overseas vendor for the actual pump creation.

Your perspective may be broadened in connection with additional technologies, but also in terms of understanding what are the needs, expectations, and wishes are of companies you could serve in the field in plants, and on projects within other nations.

Pump Industry Standards

Standards and regulations required in the United States of America are not the same standards and regulations that are required in other countries. While there are many as I mentioned earlier who wish for pump industry regulation standardization across the globe, this desire has not yet been realized. If you are supplying pumps and pump-related products to other nations and distant regions, you need to fully understand and research what the actual rules and regulations are for plants and facilities in other parts of the world.

Your ability to increase and stabilize business partnerships and Client/Vendor relationships worldwide will continue to be heavily based on your understanding of the current regulations and standards they have to meet in other countries. Additionally, beyond just knowing the hard facts and rules, you really need to dive into the minds of business owners and management in global regions in order to identify how to actually meet their needs with regard to current standards, expected future standards, and the standards the industrial organization themselves is focused on meeting specifically.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time with representatives from other countries at international trade shows can make a big difference in helping your company continuously stay on top of these latest trends, important details, and perspectives.

I can’t wait for my chance next week to spend some long-awaited time in Italy at the MCE Global Comfort Technology trade show! I hope to see you there!

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