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Interesting Finds at OTC

Charli's Blog
Photo of Charli and Jess at OTC

Interesting Finds at OTC

On our latest adventure to the Offshore Technology Conference – OTC in Houston TX, we stumbled across some “Interesting Finds” in our industry. I

Photo of Charli and Jess at OTC

would like to take this time to share a couple moments with you.

This picture of Jessica and I is from the Billy Pugh Company‘s Booth.  I thought it was interesting that my first thought about this product was “this must help people in disaster times”.  It was not until Jami said, It’s not just for Emergencies” It was clear that I didn’t think about the intensity of working on an offshore rig. Just to be transported home must be a task in itself!

I must also tell you about the last booth.  It was the STAHL booth. We were walking along and had just finished our list of scheduled visits.  We paused in front of this booth to make sure we hadn’t missed anyone when we hear, “Oh, you are press”. Can I tell you about our products and we would love for you to take a picture!

I have never been happier!  It is so nice to find a person that can be passionate about their products and knows how to draw people into the booth!

STAHL booth photo

STAHL makes Explosion Proof Products. You should check out their Capabilities.  Click Here to watch a video!

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