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Infrastructure Week May 13-20, 2019 #BuildForTomorrow

Industry News
Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week May 13-20, 2019 #BuildForTomorrow

Infrastructure Week is a national week of education and advocacy that brings together American businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens to host events, tour infrastructure projects, and get involved in the press and on social media to highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, and more.

United around the message that America must #BuildForTomorrow, participants make clear that the infrastructure choices we make today will have profound impacts on our future. Our economy, communities, and families all depend on infrastructure. Infrastructure gets us to work and our children to school, powers our homes and businesses, and ensures deliveries arrive on time. We rely on it every day to get water to our taps, to connect our phones and computers, and to keep us safe from natural disasters.

The benefits of investing in infrastructure far outweigh the costs. Every $1 invested in infrastructure generates $3.70 in economic growth, while repairing and modernizing our nation’s public infrastructure would add $1,400 in income to the average household annually for the next 20 years. When we invest in infrastructure, we create jobs, increase productivity, and make our neighborhoods stronger and safer.

The choice is clear: with political courage, hard work, smart policy, and strong investment, we can give Americans the future they deserve. We can make our communities stronger, grow our economy, and improve our quality of life, but we need sound, ambitious, and steady infrastructure policy and investment – and we can only do it with a strong federal partner. Now in its seventh year, led by a coalition of labor, business, and policy organizations, and joined by more than 400 affiliates nationwide, Infrastructure Week is uniting voices from coast to coast around one message to our leaders in Washington and beyond: Let’s choose to #BuildForTomorrow.

Here are four simple ways to participate and spread the message that our nation wants to #BuildForTomorrow:

1 Visit for ideas and materials to prepare for the week, to sign up as an Affiliate, or to tell them how you are planning to participate or spread the message.

2 Get active on social media! The Infrastructure Week website has “shareables” to help get the word out about infrastructure projects or issues in your community. Remember to tag #BuildForTomorrow in  your social media posts!

3 Plan or attend an event. Check the Infrastructure Week Calendar to search through nearly 100 upcoming events in Washington, D.C. and see what’s happening in your local community.

4 Download their toolkit and personalize materials to highlight the importance of infrastructure in your community and industry.

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