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5 Reasons To Specify Oil Minder

Industrial Flow Solutions
Industrial Flow Solutions 5 reasons To Specify Oil

5 Reasons To Specify Oil Minder

1. Conductive Sensing

IFS Oil MinderStancor’s patented technology on conductive sensing, which measures the electrical current in a liquid and has proven to reliably differentiate oil and water, has been applied to a field base of more than 25,000 systems. Self-cleaning, conductivity probes are maintenance-free compared to optical sensors that attract contaminants. 

2. Customized Solutions

IFS Oil MinderCombining a full portfolio of pumps with the ability to customize controls allows Stancor to create solutions for individual needs. Providing a full package offers both flexibility, for a range of jurisdictional code interpretations, and the reliability/accountability associated from a single-system provider.

3. Plug And Play System

IFS Plug n play Oil Minder’s plug-and-play, multi-pin connector offers:

  • assurance that the system is installed properly,
  • utilization of certified UL components
  • minimized labor when the system is installed
  • efficient handoff between electrical and plumbing contractors. 

This system approach reduces both installation and inspection time

4. Push To Test Feature

IFS Push to testThe Oil Minder system is designed to be both flexible and maintenance-friendly. Running diagnostics from the accessible control panel allows users to test system performance without entering confined space. The “reset” button on the panel actuates alarm lights and turns the pump on to ensure proper installation.

5. Third-Party Certification

IFS 3rd party certificationThe importance of reliability can’t be understated when components are placed into applications with life safety implications. As an example, Oil Minder’s high-level alarm float offers additional reliability through redundancy in activating the system. And to ensure the highest level of quality, Stancor has contracted a third-party certification firm, Entela, to verify the entire system is manufactured to exacting specifications.

Oil Minder Product Portfolio

IFS Simplex Oil MinderSimplex
A single-pump system allows users to cost-effectively manage both water and hydrocarbons. The sensors ensure water is pumped while hydrocarbons are contained—and users are alerted to its presence. Stancor’s wide portfolio of pumps and customizable controls allows operators to build a system that is ideally suited to specific needs. Narrow floats can also be specified to accommodate space constraints.

IFS Duplex Oil MinderDuplex
A two-pump system provides users redundancy for critical operations through a back-up pump or can be used to increase capacity for demanding applications. Alternating work allows pumps to last longer by evenly distributing wear. Specifying a two-pump system creates additional protection against liability and asset damage or loss. Duplex systems can be fully customized through Stancor’s comprehensive selection of pumps and customized controls.

An engineered water/oil diversion system provides the ability to pump both water and hydrocarbons to separate locations. Users have two choices:

1) a single-pump system that uses solenoid-based routing to send either water to the sewer or hydrocarbons to containment.

IFS single-pump system2) two separate pumps send water to the sewer or hydrocarbons to containment.

IFS two separate pumpsOil Minder® System —How It works

IFS Oil Minder How it works Fig 1

Pump goes ON with water in contact with sensor probe.

IFS Oil Minder How it works Fig 2

Pump continues to pump down water.

IFS Oil Minder How it works Fig 3

Pump will continue to run, pumping water only until:
• water level drops below tip of sensor probe OR
• only oil is in contact with the sensor probe, eliminating electrical conductivity.

IFS Oil Minder How it works Fig 4

Pump shuts off before oil is pumped, leaving approximately 3” of liquid in bottom sump.

IFS Oil Minder How it works Fig 5

Oil levels in the sump cause the sensor probe to switch the pump off (containing oil). If the water level in the sump increases, then the oil will rise above the oil sensing probe. This will cause the pump to turn back on and function in a normal manner until water is pumped down. Oil will, once again, come in contact with the probe and the pump will stop. Audible/visual alarms accompany pump activity. This ensures Oil Minder acts as an approved alarm system as specified in ASME 17.1.

IFS Oil Minder

Find out more about the Oil Minder solution.

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