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HOMA EffTec Initiative For Enhanced Station Efficiency

HOMA EffTec series

Contributor: HOMA Pump Technology, originally published on Water Online

In recent years wastewater has greatly changed. Solids content is ever increasing due to water-saving measures, a variety of manmade materials used in cleaning products, and more. The EffTec series uses closed single-vane impellers with large free passages, to guarantee reliable operation. The pump hydraulics were redesigned and optimized using the latest flow simulation software and rigorous field testing.

The result:  Markedly improved efficiency with improved solids passing.  In combination with our energy-efficient IE3 motors, the new EffTec series of pumps sets a trend for economic efficiency and reliability.

All models in the EffTec series are equipped with the newly developed PermaCool system. This permanent motor cooling now provides the option of fitting the units for submerged or drywell installation. The new design (patent pending) eliminates the potential for cooling jacket fouling. Together with the low winding temperature of the EffTec motors, the PermaCool system puts a low thermal load on all components, thus ensuring their long useful lifetime.

Achieving True High Efficiency with HOMA’s EffTec Initiative means each and every component of a HOMA pump has been optimized to offer our customers a truly efficient and trouble-free installation. Now dialing up True High Efficiency is as easy as specifying HOMA pumps for your next project.

  • Optimized hydraulic efficiencies over 80%
  • Enhanced solids passage impellers
  • Efficient motor technology

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