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Category: HOMA Pump Technology
Homa HOP.SEL Pump Selection

HOMA Pump Selection

HOP.SEL is a valuable tool in finding the right HOMA product for your pump application. HOP.SEL provides an interactive catalog…

HOMA HRS Series Non-Entwining Mixers

HRS Series

The Next Generation of Non-Entwining Mixers The HOMA HRS Series of submersible mixers and CHRS Series of stainless steel submersible mixers…

HOMA 3-Phase Power Imbalance (1)

3-Phase Power Imbalance

A common issue when diagnosing pumps and motors is excessive current draw. There are many causes of high current, such…

Cavitation and Air Entrainment

HOMA Pump looks at two common problems encountered in centrifugal pumps, Cavitation and Air Entrainment. The two phenomenon are usually unrelated…

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