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Valve orientation. Even if gravity is not on your side, EGC is.


If you’re working on an upright valve, you’ve got many things working in your favor. The first is gravity. From a vertical orientation, you can be pretty sure that gravity will help the bonnet OD and the body ID align a whole lot easier. The bonnet can be pulled up and secured with just the right amount of torque if you follow EGC guide lines.

But what if the valve is laying in a horizontal position maybe on its side, back or belly? It’s in a strange location and it’s one that has gravity working against you. When this happens, we’ve got some tips for you when you’re replacing a pressure or stem seal.

With gravity working against you, what was once centered is now on its side. The bonnet can “cock” and get snagged in the body. So, it is important to note the gap that is between the backing ring and bonnet OD. If there is a large gap it is best to replace the backing ring with a new one so that it can act as a bearing surface and help keep the bonnet concentric with the body ID.

The last tip is to insert a gland follower into the stuffing box and over the stem. Use a pully to hold the stem parallel with the valve. As the bonnet slides into the valve it will reduce the amount of drag on the valve body.

As a maintenance and repair technician, we’re certain that you’ve seen dozens of horizontal or skewed valve placements. Fact is, we’re just trying to help you do your job better. So, give us a call if you have a question at 440.285.5835. We are eager to assist.


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